Tower Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Browse our inflatable paddle boards & Onewheel electric skateboards, select a delivery date & we'll have it delivered directly to your doorstep or destination. Some ISUP boards can be as expensive as some cheaper hardboards due to design features and the construction quality. Buying stand up paddle boards can be a daunting process for beginner paddlers. The shape of an inflatable stand up paddle board largely determines what it will be best at. Narrow paddle boards with sharp noses are typically faster than round, shorter boards.

Inflatable is unbeatable when it comes to stand up paddle boards, and since 2008 Red Paddle Co has been making the best. Once you've got to grips with standing, balancing and using your paddle you'll no doubt be looking to invest, yet with a multitude of options it's hard to know where to begin.

Unlike surfboards, SUPs are considered nautical vessels like kayaks or canoes. Choose the cheap paddle board that fits your needs and your budget best and hit the water for a mind-blowing experience. Experience our inflatable stand up paddle boards for yourself by shopping with FunAir.

Then, last week, I learned about something that totally rocked my world: Inflatable stand-up paddleboards that blow up with an air pump just like an air mattress, and deflate to fold up and fit in a back pack. A combination of kayaking and surfing, this sports is fundamentally standing on a surfboard and using a paddle to propel yourself.

The high-pressure pump allows you to inflate the board in just 5 to 10 minutes with moderate exertion. Inflatable paddleboards fit inside a carrying case that's the size of a large backpack. I focussed on all-round inflatable boards here for use on both surf and flat water, given their ease of transportation and their versatility in different conditions.

If you are new to SUP, you will want to start with our Stand Up Paddle Boarding Beginner's Guide, which gives you an overview of what stand up paddle boarding is, and where and how to get started with it. Among the most important considerations for stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) are weight and durability — two factors that are not always mutually exclusive.

There are two types of whitewater boards: river runners and river surfers. The kit includes a dual action pump, an inflatable paddleboard, a three-piece paddle, a removable center fin, a repair kit and a wrench valve. Each Tahoe SUP inflatable board features the proprietary fin configuration TruTrack that includes traditional rear fins and the forward keel strip at the nose of the board.

This time around we are scouring sports stores and sites for the best inflatable paddle boards and have expanded our list to include the number one pick, which is Serene Life Stand Up Paddle Board. An extremely rigid and stable SUP board that performs very well in all water conditions.

The board packs into a spacious backpack with wheels and a central carrying handle, so it's easy enough to drag down to the beach; while the HP5 triple action pump with three settings inflates the board to the right air pressure without too much elbow grease.

Find the best paddleboards from our Amazon and eBay stores today. It's a hard board and so ease of transportation is a must and the Pink Panther has an embedded carry handle in the middle of the deck pad that's ergonomic and makes the lightweight 10kg board inflatable stand up paddle board a doddle to cart around.

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